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DominikDary / Master Replacement with Static
Created Jul 1, 2019 — forked from bernadinm/Master Replacement with Static
Procedure to Replace Single Master with Master Discovery Set to Static
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Master Replacement with Static List Procedure

Objective: WIth this procedure, we want to replace node with node Also, it is required that we change exhibitor_zk_path to something unique in order for this procedure to work.


Configure the bootstrap node with the modified config.yaml that has a change to a new exhibitor_zk_path along with the master node that you want to replace for master_list

Important NOTE: The most important piece is exhibitor_storage_backend: zookeeper and exhibitor_zk_path: "/masterip-change-20170127". You must set exhibitor_zk_path to be something unique otherwise your cluster wont converge.

DominikDary /
Last active Apr 6, 2019
This gist explains about how to run locally on Mac OsX Mesos and Marathon.

This gist explains about how to run locally on Mac OsX Mesos and Marathon.


  • brew install wget git autoconf automake libtool subversion maven xz
  • And install xcode via apple app store
  • brew cask install java8
  • export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_31.jdk/Contents/Home
    export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH```
DominikDary /
Created Oct 29, 2015 — forked from jamtur01/
Kickstarter Engineering Ladder
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DominikDary /
Last active Aug 29, 2015 — forked from lukeis/
javascript:(function(){$('#new_comment_field')[0].value='This is a question rather than an issue. Please send questions to the [selendroid user group](\n\nFor issues please provide a [concise reproducible test case]( and describe what results you are seeing and what results you expect.\n\nSee [architecture.html](';$('button[name="comment_and_close"]').click()})()
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package io.selendroid.standalone.server.handler;
import org.junit.Test;
import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;
import org.openqa.selenium.remote.DesiredCapabilities;
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# This script runs a given command over a range of Git revisions. Note that it
# will check past revisions out! Exercise caution if there are important
# untracked files in your working tree.
# This came from Gary Bernhardt's dotfiles:
# Example usage:
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# Pre-commit hook for running checkstyle on changed Java sources
# To use this you need:
# 1. checkstyle's jar file somewhere
# 2. a checkstyle XML check file somewhere
# 3. To configure git:
# * git config --add checkstyle.jar <location of jar>
# * git config --add checkstyle.checkfile <location of checkfile>

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