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Last active May 28, 2020
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Merge Sort in JavaScript
const mergeSort = (unsortedArray) => {
// Check if the length is lower or equal to 1, otherwise return input.
// This is also our break condition for the recursion
if (unsortedArray.length <= 1) {
return unsortedArray;
// Split input array in two equally parts when possible.
// The half of the length could possibly be an floating number 3 / 2 = 1.5,
// so we use Math.floor to get an whole number by remove the decimal part.
const middleIndex = Math.floor(unsortedArray.length / 2);
const leftArray = unsortedArray.slice(0, middleIndex);
const rightArray = unsortedArray.slice(middleIndex);
// Use recursion on the left and right part to break it down
return mergeParts(mergeSort(leftArray), mergeSort(rightArray));
const mergeParts = (leftArray, rightArray) => {
let mergedArray = [];
let leftIndex = 0;
let rightIndex = 0;
// Compare left and right items as long as there is a counterpart (index is not out of range).
while (leftIndex < leftArray.length && rightIndex < rightArray.length) {
if (leftArray[leftIndex] < rightArray[rightIndex]) {
} else {
// Because there could be some items left on the left or right side we concat all remaining elements.
// In theory there should only be one side affected.
return mergedArray
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DonkeyKongJr commented May 28, 2020

You can find more details in this blog post

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