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Last active May 31, 2022 08:36
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Goodbye Discord.

Goodbye Discord

What happend?

I am slowly getting off discord. Directing attention to my life.


Several issues like my discord bot, that is now down because of API changes by discord. They do not listen to what users prefer. They say A and do B. They say "we love to see new growing creations coming to discord". But 8/10 times they reject your application. I've seen a lot of declined projects around me. I don't like discord anymore. And for some time I knew I was better off without discord. I am open for re-considerations, really. I am quite a discord veteran. Not as much as the people from 2015 are. The years have contributed to my experienced, for which I am very grateful, and satisfied with. But discord strayed-away from what people really liked. I see so many users complaining. And they're all in my opinion so true and right.

Why I quit now is, I don't expect much any good. But if you want to know all the reason with why I am now finally done with Discord, I'm going to sum them up below.

  • Discord makes several changes that hundreds of people do not like - discord does not care.
  • I have seen quite a lot of communities where moderation was never really sufficient. (they were all children, as in handling incidents)
  • All the communities that require you to sacrifice your life, because you are needed to be active.
  • Discord is distracting me from my life. I don't like all the communities, We are not allowed to discuss certain topics.
  • Discord already has banished Self Bots, which were cool. Never really used one, But saw some. They were cool. I'd have loved to use one.
  • They now banish modified discord clients (the app from which you are reading, right now. We call that a client)
  • got warned by a moderator, not even from discord, because I use a modified discord client. (It's not his problem)

Discord, I am done. You do never listen. I am not convinced whenever you say you do listen.

Allow me to live my life. I need a career. I am at the point in life that I need to act. Act to my age, Act with brains, Keep on learning. Which I love.

I thank you all, for getting to know you all. I enjoyed the years I harvested experience from.




Great news! I have re-considered, and decided to limit my use to discord.

I will be online, but under these preferences:

  • I am pretty active.
  • I deciced to keep on working with Discord's API
  • I do not want to moderate your servers. I am tired of baby-sitting.
  • your server, your problem. Yes, I redesigned your servers. I won't be supplying that service anymore, unless actually paid or I felt to act nice. Mark me as retired staff and tell anyone not to ping me. I have no interests anymore in my tasks.

That's all. I hope you understand that everyone has to go some day. Sooner or later you're considering this exact decision in similar scenarios, as well.

Late edit:

For people who are still reading this, thank you for your interest! Right now, I think I found a balance / beginning to get a balance between Discord and life.

I also enthustiatically still develop with the Discord API. I realized, for myself, I have nothing to complain (Just yet). The fork disnake (An API Wrapper for Discord's API, written in Python) is amazing.

I believe people in that community are sure about how they are taking this on. I fully trust and rely on this library, thanks guys! Keep it up!

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