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Last active August 9, 2022 23:17
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Ban removal for user "Cephalon Cy#6184" ID 492019506562990080


Here's the thing, So I loaded up my project, bumped against some issue and the solutions were hard to find. I was wondering why Message.mentions returned an empty list. So I went to scroll through my discord servers list and to my surprise I was not able to find a server called Disnake. Still surprised and all disappointed, I went to to try and rejoin. It turns out I was banned, leaving me clueless why I deserved that.

Because, believe it or not, I am truly clueless. And I'm not necessarily angry/mad/ or whatever emotion that let's us do the things we later on regret. All it is, is just disappointment.

Are you familiar with how you train dogs? So, to teach a dog to not do something, you have to let the dog have some context in order to learn from it, agreed? We humans like context just as much as these little furry friends do.

The question now seems obvious, assuming you have a clear context now. Super great!

I thank you for your time reading this and I hope this can be properly looked at / dealt with.

Best regards,

Cephalon Cy / Dr-Insanity

Update Reasons were true and right. Except for the part where the DM'd user was only a member of the server to get me banned and not being a member of disnake to get in touch with the community.

A discussion took place in the Python discord server (Not Disnake) There, I've mentioned that the issue the DM'd person was discussing is not Python/Disnake related.

We both were told to keep it outside the servers.

So you see, I did not harass a server member. The DM "beef" was not originated from the Disnake and Python server. They happened to be a member for whatever their goal was in Disnake. The reason is quite invalid. Therefore, I request my unban as it did not violate Disnake Community Guidelines/Rules.

As for reason #1, yes that is true. I've been rude. Later on I tried to seek friendly communication rather than triggering another beef (Because trust me, when I come in Disnake, it's only because I need help with something or I felt to discuss IT / Python related stuff)

My actions is not what I mean, simply said. But yes, actions have consequences, I couldn't agree more.


image of him getting muted for being a pain for everyone in the help channels of Python


Us, being kindly requested to keeping this off-server. (So I did, as requested)


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