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Last active July 10, 2019 20:43
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PHP Conferences Fall 2015

Conference WebSite City Country Date
PHP SouthCoast Portsmouth UK 18/07
Laracon US Luisville, KY US 11-12/08
NorthEastPHP Boston, MA US 22-23/08
Laracon EU Amsterdam Netherlands 25-26/08
WeCamp De Kluut (Island) Netherlands 25-29/08
PHP Summer Camp Rovinj Croatia 26-29/08
Endpoint Amsterdam Netherlands 4/9
pnwphp Seattle US 11-12/09
SymfonyLive London London UK 17-18/09
DrupalCon Barcelona Barcelona Spain 21-25/09
Bulgaria PHP Conference Sofia Bulgary 25-27/09
PHP Craft Johannesburg South Africa 1-2/10
PHPeste João Pessoa, PB Brasil 2-3/10
phpnw Manchester UK 2-4/10
SymfonyLive Berlin Berlin Germany 13-16/10
zendcon Las Vegas, NV US 19-22/10
PHP Barcelona Barcelona Spain 30-31/10
TrueNorthPHP Toronto Canada 5-7/11 Rawa Mazowiecka Poland 13-15/11
Madison PHP Madison, WI US 14/11
php[world] Washington, DC US 16-20/11
Forum PHP Paris France 23-24/11
PHPConference Brasil Osasco, SP Brasil 2-6/12
SymfonyCon Paris Paris France 3-5/12
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@DragonBe - phpcon: Nov 13-15.2015

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@DragonBe : DPC ( / June 25-27, 2015

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Having something like the Drupal Calendar could be nice

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| International PHP Conference
| June 7-11, Berlin

| New Zealand PHP Conference
| September 2-4, Wellington New Zealand

| PHP Conf Asia
| September 24-25, Singapore

| PHP Conference Japan
| October 3, Tokyo, Japan

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The TrueNorth conference is showing the date from last year. Might want to check with them about the date.

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rdohms commented May 27, 2015

IPC Fall Edition is end of october, but their marketing team has no idea how to communicate so finding info on it is like winning in the lottery.

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emir commented Jun 9, 2015

Conference WebSite City Country Date
PHPKonf Istanbul Turkey 25-26/07

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