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Created May 2, 2021 21:24
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Convert an Azure Connection String for MySQL into a PDO resource
* Example usage:
* $connString = 'Database=localdb;Data Source=;User Id=dbuser;Password=$3cR37!';
* $pdo = azureConnectionStringToPdo($connString);
* Converts an Azure Connection String into a PDO
* resource.
* @param string $connectionString
* @return PDO
* @throws PDOException
function azureConnectionStringToPdo(string $connectionString): PDO
$connArray = explode(';', $connectionString);
$connItems = [];
foreach ($connArray as $pair) {
list ($key, $value) = explode('=', $pair);
$connItems[$key] = $value;
list ($host, $port) = explode(':', $connItems['Data Source']);
$dsn = sprintf(
$host, $port, $connItems['Database']
return new PDO($dsn, $connItems['User Id'], $connItems['Password']);
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