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Dravit Lochan Google Summer of Code '17 Submission

GSoC 2017

GSoC 2017 Final Submission Report


SUSI is an Artificial Intelligence system which apart from having its own Android, iOS, web and IoT clients also offers an extended support for different bot platforms to get integrated. I have contributed towards the susi_server repo implementing new servlets required and enhancing the existing ones according to the need of different clients. Project is live here. I also implemented a client where users can manage all SUSI accounts related issues. These include signup, login, change password, reset password, verify account and manage settings across different clients. Project is live here.

GSoC Project link :

Tweets :

GSoC Project Presentation link :

Link to Screencast on FOSSASIA'S Youtube Channel :


SUSI Server

SUSI Accounts

My Contributions:

SUSI Server

SUSI Accounts


SUSI Skill Data

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