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cp -r /Applications/\ \(15A5278f\) /Applications/

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@PattoMotto PattoMotto commented Jun 27, 2017

I suggest changing the script to be like this (use wildcard)
cp -r /Applications/* /Applications/


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@bluebinary bluebinary commented Apr 11, 2018

To include Device Support files for all versions of iOS 11.*, including the latest iOS 11.3 (as of writing) back into Xcode 8, I found I had to modify the copy command as follows, note the change of the wildcard clause from 11.0* to 11.* to allow for other point releases of iOS 11 to be copied:

cp -r ~/Downloads/* /Applications/

Where ~/Downloads/ is in this case Xcode 9.3, which includes support for the iOS 11.3, and where /Applications/ is in this case Xcode 8.2.1 which is the last version of Xcode that will run on El Capitan (OS X 10.11) - the system this patch was tested on.

It is likely that iOS 12 support will require at least Xcode 9.4+ however, so this solution may not work for the next iOS release.

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