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"Secret" Slack slash commands

"Secret" Slack Slash Commands

Enable Web Inspector


Assign a color (using hex code) to any users name

/color andrew #000000

Change Status (Doesn't seem to work)


Quickly change message view style (compact or expanded)


Opens search pane with query

/search query

Useless window.alert with the int passed

/trigger_w 5

Play the message beep locally


Trigger the "Upload a file?" dialog


Show custom colors you have set for each users name


Change colors of names in channel to a different scheme


Disconnect + Auto Reconnect







/disco2 /discon3 /discon4

Trigger a toast notification


Shows a ton of fake messages from every user in the "General" channel


No idea

/msg_replies /attach_thumb_align

Open the Emoji Picker

/emo /emoji /emote

Edit the last message you sent


Delete the last message you sent (doesn't seem to work)


Change alignment of attachments


Shows URIs for inline attachments


Opens "Advanced Options" modal



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@jmona789 jmona789 commented Nov 20, 2018

/ doesn't seem to work anymore


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@brandonsturgeon brandonsturgeon commented Dec 10, 2018

/color @name #color works, but /colors doesn't.

Further, you can use the /color @name #color command but it doesn't do anything



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@kangaechigai kangaechigai commented Jan 7, 2019

The /color @name #color command still works to change name colors, but only in compact mode.


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@jakebathman jakebathman commented Aug 20, 2019

Many of the more exciting commands for me don't work, such as /overloaddontdothiseverpleaseyouwillbesorry and /babbledontdothiseverpleaseyouwillbesorry or /colortest

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