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Small bash script to get the lifecycle transitions of all buckets in an AWS account.
# Licensed under CC0 <>
BUCKETS=$(aws --profile $AWS_PROFILE s3api list-buckets --query 'Buckets[*].Name' --output text)
echo -e "bucket name\tstatus of the transition\tprefix the transition applies to\tdays after which the transition applies\tto storage class\tdelete after days\tdescription"
for bucket in $BUCKETS; do
TRANSITION=$(aws --profile $AWS_PROFILE s3api get-bucket-lifecycle --bucket $bucket --query 'Rules[*][Status, Prefix, Transition.Days, Transition.StorageClass, Expiration.Days, ID]' --output text 2> /dev/null)
if [ "$?" = "255" ]; then
echo -e "$bucket\tNone"
echo "$TRANSITION" | while read line; do
echo -e "$bucket\t$line"

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commented May 17, 2016

A "," is missing after "Expiration.Days".
Thanks to share your script.


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Owner Author

commented Mar 24, 2017

Thanks for pointing out. Thanks to non existent notifications for gists I saw your comment just now. 😞

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