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Sub ThongBao_XoaDong()
'Xac dinh vi tri dong can xoa
Dim DongXoa As Long
DongXoa = ActiveCell.Row
'Gan bien Thong bao la msgbox
Dim ThongBao As Integer
ThongBao = MsgBox("Ban co chac chan xoa dong " & DongXoa & " khong", vbOKCancel + vbInformation + vbDefaultButton2, "Thong bao")
'Xet cac truong hop khi lua chon trong msgbox
Select Case ThongBao
Case vbOK 'Xac nhan dung noi dung can xoa
Call Lenh_Xoa
Case vbCancel 'Xac nhan khong dung noi dung can xoa
Exit Sub
End Select
End Sub
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