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View ArduinoProMicroC64SwitchlessRomSelect.ino
// This is a firmware for making an arduino pro micro into a switchless rom controller for selecting address pins on
// a 64 kib rom for kernals and a 16 kib rom for charsets in a c64.
// It also does a simple RGB thingy, adjust the ledMin to adjust brightness, depends on your led, resistors and preference for eye-burning.
// I used 5k3 resisters on my RGB led, it's pretty sensitive
const int ledMin=128;
int r=ledMin;
int g=ledMin+21;
View gist:85fe99488fc200e3372d9d7f59a929bf
// Make a key for matching A to B and B to A.
function getKey(...items) {
return items.sort().join('_');
View ArduinoProMicroPaddle.ino
// For a 1 axis joystick, suitable for use with the Stella Atari 2600 emulator
// Uses the Joystick lib
// And the box
// It's a USB modem the first 10 seconds after poweer-up, so you can connect and calibrate it.
// Note: you must set sensitivity and calibrate it after first programming
// Schematic:
// Pin 21 (A3) goes to potmeter center
// VCC goes to other side of potmeter
// GND goes to one side of potmeter
if [ -z "$2" ]
echo "Generate script that cuts longvideos into shorter clips."
echo "- Useful for converting old recordings into video-clips."
echo "Usage: $0 CUTS OUTSCRIPT"
echo "CUTS - File describing what to do."
echo "OUTSCRIPT - Name of the script to generate."
View haproxy.cfg
# Toy example, ha-proxy reversing traffic to two backend servers based on path
# Has url rewriting and header modification
debug # uncomment to enable debug mode for HAProxy
mode http # enable http mode which gives us layer 7 filtering
timeout connect 5000ms # max time to wait for a connection attempt to a server to succeed
timeout client 50000ms # max inactivity time on the client side
View razersierengx12backplate
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DusteDdk / sketch.c
Last active Jun 16, 2018
Arduino temp/humidity/light logger to sd-card
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DusteDdk / suboset.js
Last active Jun 16, 2018
Node utility for regenerating srts that are cut in parts.
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