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Created June 21, 2022 07:28
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(TypeScript) Recursively scan a DynamoDB table until all documents are returned
import {DynamoDB} from 'aws-sdk';
import {Key} from 'aws-sdk/clients/dynamodb';
async function dynamodbRecursiveScan(tableName: string, startFromKey?: Key) {
const results: DynamoDB.ItemList = [];
const dynamodb = new DynamoDB();
const items = await dynamodb
TableName: tableName,
ExclusiveStartKey: startFromKey,
if (items.$response.error) {
throw new Error(items.$response.error.message);
results.push(...(items.Items?.length ? items.Items : []));
// If there's another page, recursively fetch it, and keep fetching further pages till there are no more results
if (items.LastEvaluatedKey) {
results.push(...(await dynamodbRecursiveScan(tableName, items.LastEvaluatedKey)));
return results;
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