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Created Jan 14, 2013
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This is the standard RFC Nazi speech that i give to websites which fail on gmail plus notation email formats. Normally nothing changes, but maybe one day they will forward it to the right people and they will fix it.

I would like to note that your website restricts and disallows absolutely valid email addresses, in particular mine. I respectfully request that you update your sites email checks to allow valid email addresses which may not be particularly regular, but are absolutely valid.

I have included the requirements for email addresses along with their standards reference in RFC definitions.

  1. An e-mail address consists of local part and domain separated by an at sign (@) character (RFC 2822 3.4.1).

  2. The local part may consist of alphabetic and numeric characters, and the following characters: !, #, $, %, &, ', *, +, -, /, =, ?, ^, _, `, {, |, } and ~, possibly with dot separators (.), inside, but not at the start, end or next to another dot separator (RFC2822 3.2.4).

  3. The local part may consist of a quoted string—that is, anything within quotes ("), including spaces (RFC 2822 3.2.5).

  4. Quoted pairs (such as @) are valid components of a local part, though an obsolete form from RFC 822 (RFC 2822 4.4).

  5. The maximum length of a local part is 64 characters (RFC 2821

  6. A domain consists of labels separated by dot separators (RFC1035 2.3.1).

  7. Domain labels start with an alphabetic character followed by zero or more alphabetic characters, numeric characters or the hyphen (-), ending with an alphabetic or numeric character (RFC 1035 2.3.1).

  8. The maximum length of a label is 63 characters (RFC 1035 2.3.1).

  9. The maximum length of a domain is 255 characters (RFC 2821

  10. The domain must be fully qualified and resolvable to a type A or type MX DNS address record (RFC 2821 3.6).

Until this is fixed I cannot sign up with your site and it displeases me that I will be missing out on the content your site can provide.

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