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Last active March 1, 2018 16:44
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Code 1
import os
import requests
from io import BytesIO
import Algorithmia
from Algorithmia.acl import ReadAcl
from torchlite.eval import eval
from pathlib import Path
from PIL import Image
import uuid
# Note that you don't pass in your API key when creating an algorithm
client = Algorithmia.client("sim8qUOyoIbuyDQq7XDb9+ssfrl1")
class AlgorithmError(Exception):
"""Define error handling class."""
def __init__(self, value):
self.value = value
def __str__(self):
return repr(self.value).replace("\\n", "\n")
def apply(input):
Takes a json input in this form:
"image_url": "",
"upscale_factor": "4"
input (dict): The parsed json
dict: A dict in the form :
{"sr_image": url, "original_image": url, "upscale_factor": upscale_factor, "version": version}
# Check if the file exists in the user specified data collection.
if "image_url" in input:
# Instantiate a DataDirectory object, set your data URI and call create
srgan_directory = client.dir("data://Ekami/srgan_results")
# Create your data collection if it does not exist
if srgan_directory.exists() is False:
image_url = input["image_url"]
upscale_factor = input.get("upscale_factor")
if not upscale_factor:
upscale_factor = 4
upscale_factor = int(upscale_factor)
image_response = requests.get(image_url)
# Create unique dir
unique_dir = uuid.uuid4().hex
srgan_directory = client.dir("data://Ekami/srgan_results/" + unique_dir)
# Retrieve input information
generator_model = client.file("data://Ekami/torchlite/Generator.pth").path
image =
# Save original image in dir
save_path = Path("./tmp/original_" + Path(image_url).name).absolute() # Local path, "png")
# Frozen inference graph method:
sr_img = eval.srgan_eval([image], generator_model, upscale_factor, use_cuda=True)[0], "png")
sr_url = tmp_file.putFile(sr_img)
return {"sr_image": sr_url, "upscale_factor": upscale_factor}
# Raise helpful error message
raise AlgorithmError("Please provide a valid image input")
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