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Last active August 23, 2022 10:49
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Encoding HKTs in typescript without declaration merging
export interface HKT {
param: unknown;
result: unknown;
interface NotHKT extends HKT {
result: this['param'] extends true ? false : true;
interface FstHKT extends HKT {
result: this['param'] extends [infer A, infer _] ? A : never;
interface ArrayHKT extends HKT {
result: Array<this['param']>;
export type Apply<f extends HKT, x>
= (f & { param: x })['result'];
type Test1 = Apply<NotHKT, true> // be deducedd to `false`
type Test2 = Apply<FstHKT, [string, boolean]> // be deduced to `string`
type Test3 = Apply<ArrayHKT, number> // be deduced to `number[]`
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