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Replace directory with git submodule

These are the steps required to replace a directory with a submodule in git. Note: Assumes that you are currently working on branch called 'develop'

  1. Check out a new branch to make the changes on: git checkout -b creating-submodule
  2. delete directory to be replaced rm -rf path/of/directory/to/be/replaced
  3. git add . then git commit -m "removing local directory"
  4. add the submodule: git submodule add "" path/of/directory/to/be/replaced
  5. git add . then git commit -m "adding submodule"
  6. delete the submodule directory if you don't do this git will throw a hissy when you try to checkout out develop to merge the changes in
  7. git checkout develop
  8. pull the submodule back into the local repo: git submodule foreach git fetch --tags then git submodule update --init --recursive
  9. git push
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