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Hash map using separate chaining to avoid collisions in Python
from linked_list_for_hash import Node, LinkedList
from blossom_lib import flower_definitions
class HashMap:
def __init__(self, size):
self.array_size = size
self.array = [LinkedList() for i in range(size)]
def hash(self, key):
return sum(key.encode())
def compress(self, hash_code):
return hash_code % self.array_size
def assign(self, key, value):
hash_code = self.hash(key)
array_index = self.compress(hash_code)
payload = Node([key, value])
list_at_array = self.array[array_index]
for item in list_at_array:
if item[0] == key:
item[1] = value
def retrieve(self, key):
hash_code = self.hash(key)
array_index = self.compress(hash_code)
list_at_index = self.array[array_index]
for item in list_at_index:
if item[0] == key:
return item[1]
return None
blossom = HashMap(len(flower_definitions))
for flower in flower_definitions:
blossom.assign(flower[0], flower[1])
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