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Forked from sangeeths/github-to-bitbucket
Created July 27, 2019 08:23
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Forking a Github repo to Bitbucket
Go to Bitbucket and create a new repository (its better to have an empty repo)
git clone
cd myforkedrepo
Now add Github repo as a new remote in Bitbucket called "sync"
git remote add sync
Verify what are the remotes currently being setup for "myforkedrepo". This following command should show "fetch" and "push" for two remotes i.e. "origin" and "sync"
git remote -v
Now do a pull from the "master" branch in the "sync" remote
git pull sync master
Setup a local branch called "github"track the "sync" remote's "master" branch
git branch --set-upstream github sync/master
Now push the local "master" branch to the "origin" remote in Bitbucket.
git push -u origin master
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