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On the Heights of Despair
E. M. Cioran
  1. "In illness, death is always already in life. Genuine ailment links us to metaphysical realities which the healthy, average man cannot understand. Young people talk of death as external to life. But when an illness hits them with full power, all the illusions and seductions of youth disappear. In this world, the only genuine agonies are those sprung from illness. " (2019-08-26T11:46:10Z)


  1. "The vulgar interpretation of universality calls it a phenomenon of quantitative expansion rather than a qualitatively rich containment." (2019-08-23T10:19:09Z)

  2. "Each subjective existence is absolute to itself. For this reason each man lives as if he were the center of the universe or the center of history. Then how could his suffering fail to be absolute? I cannot understand another's suffering in order to diminish my own. " (2019-08-24T08:21:54Z)

  3. "One of the greatest delusions of the average man is to forget that life is death's prisoner." (2019-08-26T11:38:32Z)


  1. "The melancholy look is expressionless, without perspective. " (2019-08-31T07:28:00Z)

De afwezige blik in het oneindige externaliseert de ruimtelijkheid die volgens Cioran intern bij de melancholie hoort

  1. "The sharper our consciousness of the world's infinity, the more acute our awareness of our own finitude" (2019-08-31T07:29:48Z)
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