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Created June 30, 2019 20:17
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Sample eslintrc Config File
module.exports = {
"extends": ['eslint:recommended'], // extending recommended config and config derived from eslint-config-prettier
"plugins": ['prettier'], // activating esling-plugin-prettier (--fix stuff)
"rules": {
'prettier/prettier': [ // customizing prettier rules (unfortunately not many of them are customizable)
"singleQuote": true,
"trailingComma": 'none',
"useTabs": false,
"tabWidth": 4
"no-constant-condition": 2, // disallow use of constant expressions in conditions
"no-control-regex": 2, // disallow control characters in regular expressions
"no-debugger": 2, // disallow use of debugger
"no-dupe-args": 2, // disallow duplicate arguments in functions
"no-dupe-keys": 2, // disallow duplicate keys when creating object literals
"no-duplicate-case": 2, // disallow a duplicate case label.
"no-empty": 2, // disallow empty statements
"no-ex-assign": 2, // disallow assigning to the exception in a catch block
"no-extra-boolean-cast": 2, // disallow double-negation boolean casts in a boolean context
"no-extra-parens": 0, // disallow unnecessary parentheses (off by default)
"no-extra-semi": 2, // disallow unnecessary semicolons
"no-func-assign": 2, // disallow overwriting functions written as function declarations
"no-inner-declarations": 2, // disallow function or variable declarations in nested blocks
"no-invalid-regexp": 2, // disallow invalid regular expression strings in the RegExp constructor
"no-irregular-whitespace": 2, // disallow irregular whitespace outside of strings and comments
"no-negated-in-lhs": 2, // disallow negation of the left operand of an in expression
"no-obj-calls": 2, // disallow the use of object properties of the global object (Math and JSON) as functions
"no-regex-spaces": 2, // disallow multiple spaces in a regular expression literal
"no-sparse-arrays": 2, // disallow sparse arrays
"no-unreachable": 2, // disallow unreachable statements after a return, throw, continue, or break statement
"use-isnan": 2, // disallow comparisons with the value NaN
"valid-jsdoc": 2, // Ensure JSDoc comments are valid (off by default)
"valid-typeof": 2, // Ensure that the results of typeof are compared against a valid string
"parserOptions": {
'ecmaVersion': 2017
"env": {
'es6': true,
'node': true
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