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Efreak / Calibre Server with nginx
Last active Aug 7, 2020 — forked from luzfcb/
Calibre Server on Linux (in progress)
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This is for setting up an nginx virtual host with webdav access, as well as open directory access if you've got a reader that doesn't support OPDS, or as a backup in the case your server is misconfigured, inaccessible, javascript is disabled, etc.

setup an htpasswd file (this will only be used for webdav, not for calibre itself). You may run this command as many times as you like to add extra users.

mkdir -p /etc/nginx/auth
printf "$(please enter your username):$(openssl passwd $(read -p "Please enter your password")\n" >> /etc/nginx/auth/calibre-webdav-users.passwd

Use this config instead of the one in the main file

Efreak / V-GUI Steam--dark.xml
Last active May 10, 2017 — forked from nairdan2/V-GUI Steam.xml
V-GUI Steam UDL 2.1 Language (Dark Theme)
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<UserLang name="VGUI2" ext="layout styles res" udlVersion="2.1">
<Global caseIgnored="yes" allowFoldOfComments="no" foldCompact="yes" forcePureLC="0" decimalSeparator="2" />
<Prefix Keywords1="no" Keywords2="no" Keywords3="yes" Keywords4="yes" Keywords5="no" Keywords6="no" Keywords7="no" Keywords8="no" />
<Keywords name="Comments">00// 01 02 03 04</Keywords>
<Keywords name="Numbers, prefix1"></Keywords>
<Keywords name="Numbers, prefix2"></Keywords>
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sudo apt-get install -y aria2
sudo mkdir /etc/aria2
sudo touch /etc/aria2/aria2.session
sudo bash -c "cat <<EOT > /etc/aria2/aria2.conf
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* Original by Zirak @
* Had some issues with the clear function
* @type {{intervals: Array, make: make, clear: clear, clearAll: clearAll}}
var interval = {
//to keep a reference to all the intervals
intervals : [],
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