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Last active Feb 19, 2019
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Perl Tidy rc file
-pbp # Start with Perl Best Practices
-w # Show all warnings
-iob # Ignore old breakpoints
-l=0 # Unlimited characters per line
-mbl=2 # No more than 2 blank lines
-i=4 # Indentation is 4 columns
-ci=0 # Continuation indentation is 0 columns
-vt=0 # Less vertical tightness
-vtc=0 # Always break a line before a closing token
-pt=2 # High parenthesis tightness
-bt=2 # High brace tightness
-sbt=2 # High square bracket tightness
-wn # Weld nested containers
-isbc # Don't indent comments without leading space
-bar # opening brace always on right
-opr # opening tokens always on right (all)
-cab=0 # always add a line break for objects
-sot # "stack" opening tokens when possible to avoid lines with isolated opening tokens
-otr # don't place a break between a comma and an opening token
-iscl # ignore side comments length for line length
-cti=0 # do not align closing token
-nbbc # do not add a blank line before comment
-bbb # blank line before blocks (for, foreach, while, until, and if, unless)
-lbl=1 # let perltidy add as many blank lines as it wants
"perltidy.profile": "%USERPROFILE%\\Projects\\.perltidyrc"
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