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@Elwell Elwell/init.lua

Created Sep 6, 2015
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ESP-01 temp/humidity publishing
if wifi.sta.status() ~= 5 then tmr.alarm(6, 10000,0, function(d) dofile('init.lua') end) return end
if wifi.sta.status() == 5 then dofile('pub.lua') return end
ID = 'ESP-'..node.chipid()
m = mqtt.Client(ID,90,'' ,'')
-- setup Last Will and Testament (optional)
m:lwt("status/"..ID, "offline", 0, 0)
m:on("connect", function(con) print ("connected") end)
m:on("offline", function(con) print ("offline") end)
-- on publish message receive event
m:on("message", function(conn, topic, data)
print(topic .. ":" )
if data ~= nil then
function readpub ()
status,temp,humi,temp_decimial,humi_decimial =
if( status == dht.OK ) then
jstr = '{ "temp": '..temp..', "humidity": '..humi..' }'
-- print("DHT Temperature:"..temp..";".."Humidity:"..humi.."JSON:"..jstr)
m:publish("sensors/"..ID.."/json",jstr,0,0, function(conn) print(jstr) end)
elseif( status == dht.ERROR_CHECKSUM ) then
print( "DHT Checksum error." );
elseif( status == dht.ERROR_TIMEOUT ) then
print( "DHT Time out." );
m:connect("", 1883, 0, function(conn) print("connected") end)
-- start timer to read temp/hum and publish
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