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Python wrapper for the (very raw) python interface for ufal.udpipe. Saving it here for posterity.
import re
from ufal.udpipe import Model, Pipeline, ProcessingError
class Parser:
"swe": "data/swedish-ud-2.0-170801.udpipe",
def __init__(self, language):
model_path = self.MODELS.get(language, None)
if not model_path:
raise ParserException("Cannot find model for language '%s'" % language)
model = Model.load(model_path)
if not model:
raise ParserException("Cannot load model from file '%s'\n" % model_path)
self.model = model
def parse(self, text):
text = text.strip()
# Adding a period improves detection on especially short sentences
period_added = False
last_character = text.strip()[-1]
if re.match(r"\w", last_character, flags=re.UNICODE):
text += "."
period_added = True
pipeline = Pipeline(
error = ProcessingError()
processed = pipeline.process(text, error)
if error.occurred():
raise ParserException(error.message)
# Remove the period to make sure input corresponds to output
if period_added:
processed = "\n".join(processed.rstrip().split("\n")[:-1]) + "\n\n"
return processed
class ParserException(Exception):
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