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Last active November 26, 2016 22:21
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Download all events, births and deaths from Wikipedia
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# coding=UTF8
# Author: Iñaki Ucar <>
# Description: Download all events, births and deaths from Wikipedia
import sys, requests, locale
from datetime import date, timedelta as td
from pypandoc import convert # <3
API = ''
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_TIME, 'en_US')
def query_content(request):
request['action'] = 'query'
request['format'] = 'json'
request['prop'] = 'revisions'
request['rvprop'] = 'content'
request['formatversion'] = 2
lastContinue = {'continue': ''}
while True:
# Clone original request
req = request.copy()
# Modify it with the values returned in the 'continue' section of the last result.
# Call API
result = requests.get(API, params=req).json()
if 'error' in result:
raise Error(result['error'])
if 'warnings' in result:
if 'query' in result:
yield result['query']
if 'continue' not in result:
lastContinue = result['continue']
def chunks(l, n):
# Yield successive n-sized chunks from l
for i in range(0, len(l), n):
yield l[i:i + n]
d1 = date(2016, 9, 1)
d2 = date(2017, 8, 31)
delta = d2 - d1
days = [(d1 + td(days=i)).strftime('%B_%-d') for i in range(delta.days + 1)]
for chunk in chunks(days, MAX_TITLES):
for query in query_content({'titles': '|'.join(chunk)}):
for page in query['pages']:
day = page['title']
content = page['revisions'][0]['content']
content = convert(content, 'plain', format='mediawiki')
content = content.split('\n\n\n')
# in a proper formatting we trust
start = [i for i, s in enumerate(content) if 'Events' in s][0]
for i in range(start, start + 3):
section = content[i].split('\n\n')
title = section[0].replace('\n', '')
lines = section[1].replace('\n ', '')
for line in lines.replace('- ', '').split('\n'):
line = line.replace('"', "'")
print('{} {} "{}"'.format(day, title, line))
except Exception as e:
print(e, file=sys.stderr)
print(day, file=sys.stderr)
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