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# tested on Python3.9 with just injector installed (pip install injector==0.18.4)
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import TypeVar, Generic
from injector import Injector, Module, provider
TCommand = TypeVar("TCommand")
class Handler(Generic[TCommand]):
def __call__(self, command: TCommand) -> None:
raise NotImplementedError
class Enrol:
student_id: int
course_id: int
class EnrolHandler(Handler[Enrol]):
def __call__(self, command: Enrol) -> None:
print(f"command: {command}")
class Enrolment(Module):
def enrol_handler(self) -> Handler[Enrol]:
return EnrolHandler()
class CommandBus:
def __init__(self, container: Injector) -> None:
self._container = container
def handle(self, command: TCommand) -> None:
command_cls: Type[TCommand] = type(command)
handler = self._container.get(Handler[command_cls])
container = Injector([Enrolment()], auto_bind=False)
command_bus = CommandBus(container)
command_bus.handle(Enrol(student_id=123000, course_id=666))
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