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Last active May 29, 2020
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from pants.build_graph.build_file_aliases import BuildFileAliases
from pants.build_graph.payload_field import PrimitiveField
from import Target as TargetV1
from import Target as TargetV2
from import COMMON_TARGET_FIELDS, Dependencies, IntField, Sources
"""This sets up a new target called `elixir_tests`, with both a V1 definition and a V2 Target API definition.
In a BUILD file, this would look like:
class ElixirTestTargetV1(TargetV1):
default_sources_globs = ("test_*.ex",)
def alias(cls):
return "elixir_tests"
def __init__(self, sources=None, timeout=None, payload=None, **kwargs):
if timeout < 0:
raise ValueError(f"Invalid timeout field: {timeout}. Must be > 0.")
payload = payload or Payload()
"sources": self.create_sources_field(
sources=sources, sources_rel_path=address.spec_path, key_arg="sources"
"timeout": PrimitiveField(timeout),
super().__init__(payload=payload, **kwargs)
class ElixirSources(Sources):
default = ("test_*.ex",)
class ElixirTestTimeout(IntField):
alias = "timeout"
class ElixirTestTargetV2(TargetV2):
alias = "elixir_tests"
core_fields = (*COMMON_TARGET_FIELDS, Dependencies, ElixirSources, ElixirTestTimeout)
def build_file_aliases():
return BuildFileAliases(targets={ElixirTestTargetV1.alias(): ElixirTestTargetV1})
def target_types():
return [ElixirTestTargetV2]
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