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Deploy your plugin to the SVN plugin repository from your GitHub Repository.
#! /bin/bash
# Script to deploy from Github to Plugin Repository
# A modification of a number of different sources:
# @link
# @link
# @link
# Accompanying Tutorial Here:
# @link
# No editing required below this line.
#prompt for plugin slug
echo -e "Plugin Slug: \c"
# main config, set off of plugin slug
MAINFILE="$PLUGINSLUG.php" # this should be the name of your main php file in the wordpress plugin
# git config
GITPATH="$CURRENTDIR/" # this file should be in the base of your git repository
# svn config
SVNPATH="/tmp/$PLUGINSLUG" # path to a temp SVN repo. No trailing slash required and don't add trunk.
SVNURL="$PLUGINSLUG/" # Remote SVN repo on, with no trailing slash
# Let's begin...
echo ".........................................."
echo "Preparing to deploy WordPress plugin"
echo ".........................................."
# Check version in readme.txt is the same as plugin file
NEWVERSION1=`grep "^Stable tag" $GITPATH/readme.txt | awk -F' ' '{print $3}'`
echo "readme version: $NEWVERSION1"
NEWVERSION2=`grep "^Version" $GITPATH/$MAINFILE | awk -F' ' '{print $2}'`
echo "$MAINFILE version: $NEWVERSION2"
if [ "$NEWVERSION1" != "$NEWVERSION2" ]; then echo "Versions don't match. Exiting...."; exit 1; fi
echo "Versions match in readme.txt and PHP file. Let's proceed..."
echo -e "Enter a commit message for this new version: \c"
git commit -am "$COMMITMSG"
echo "Tagging new version in git"
git tag -a "$NEWVERSION1" -m "Tagging version $NEWVERSION1"
echo "Pushing latest commit to origin, with tags"
git push origin master
git push origin master --tags
echo "Creating local copy of SVN repo ..."
echo "Ignoring github specific files and deployment script"
svn propset svn:ignore "
.gitignore" "$SVNPATH/trunk/"
#export git -> SVN
echo "Exporting the HEAD of master from git to the trunk of SVN"
git checkout-index -a -f --prefix=$SVNPATH/trunk/
#if submodule exist, recursively check out their indexes
if [ -f ".gitmodules" ]
echo "Exporting the HEAD of each submodule from git to the trunk of SVN"
git submodule init
git submodule update
git submodule foreach --recursive 'git checkout-index -a -f --prefix=$SVNPATH/trunk/$path/'
echo "Changing directory to SVN and committing to trunk"
cd $SVNPATH/trunk/
# Add all new files that are not set to be ignored
svn status | grep -v "^.[ \t]*\..*" | grep "^?" | awk '{print $2}' | xargs svn add
svn commit --username=$SVNUSER -m "$COMMITMSG"
echo "Creating new SVN tag & committing it"
svn copy trunk/ tags/$NEWVERSION1/
svn commit --username=$SVNUSER -m "Tagging version $NEWVERSION1"
echo "Removing temporary directory $SVNPATH"
rm -fr $SVNPATH/
echo "*** FIN ***"
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cameronjonesweb commented Jun 4, 2019

Grep throws a few errors with parent directories that have spaces in them, also doesn't seem to be able to pick up versions in a docblock but aside from that it works well.

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Life saver this script!
I also ran into a few issues on my Mac due to spaces in the parent folders, as well as trying to find the version number in the PHP file. Here's some comments/fixes for future users....

  1. Line 13 - Username case is important. Use whatever is shown as your username in your WordPress dot org profile.
  2. Line 42 - wrap the $GITPATH variable in double quotes. The new line becomes: NEWVERSION1=`grep "^Stable tag" "$GITPATH"/readme.t...
  3. Line 44 - Same issue as the one above, but I also wrap my plugin header the way WordPress shows it, ie with an * on a new line within the main opening and closing comment tags. As a result the script wasn't able to pick up the version number in the PHP file. To be clear, mine is written as * Version: 2.0. The '{print $2}' at the end of the line also needs to be adjusted for this. All in, the new line 44 looks like this: NEWVERSION2=`grep "^\* Version" "$GITPATH"/$MAINFILE | awk -F' ' '{print $3}'`
  4. Line 51 - $GITPATH should also be wrapped in quotes - so the whole line should be: cd "$GITPATH"
  5. Lastly, my Mac version no longer includes svn by default, so this will need to be installed. This SO answer saved the day, noting I went with the brew version on Catalina.

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@nickpagz Cool, glad it helped and thanks for sharing your modifications!

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