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Seattle Trails App Needs Android Developers

##Seattle Trails App Needs Android Developers

Seattle Trails is an official app for the Seattle City Parks & Recreation Department. It allows users to see all Seattle trails on a map and find out more information about them. One of the most important features for the city is that it can report park issues in a formalized way. This app can also promote the parks through social media sharing.

The iOS app is slated to ship on May 1st. We have 4 experienced developers on this side of the project and only one on the Android version. We need Android developers that would like to be involved in this open source civic engineering volunteer project. This will make a great portfolio piece, give you open source exposure and help the your city to better serve its citizens.

#####Developers will need to:

  • Use Socrata’s Open Data RESTful APIs to display trails on a map view with annotations to mark the overall park or trail region.
  • Access the user’s gps location to determine if they are in a park or not.
  • Integrate Facebook and Twitter social media sharing with pictures.
  • Allow the user to send pre-filled emails from the app to report issues.

To participate in this project, contact Chukundi Salisbury with the title of this document in your subject line. He is Seattle City’s official executive for this project and can put you in contact with the current project manager of the Seattle Trails apps development (Seattle Trails Crew on GitHub). His contact information is:

Chukundi Salisbury
Trails Program
Seattle Parks and Recreation
206-612-6342 (cell)

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