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Last active Jan 15, 2019
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Reducing windows overhead to 10MB
Savings in KB Bug Title
2,000 1449600 Investigate reducing minimum GC memory
400 1470015 Investigate sharing font-related caches among Gecko processes
500 1364559 Consider extending SharedImmutableStringsCache to work between processes
500 1458339 Investigate sharing self-hosted compartment across content processes
250 1475091 Dropping rayon thread pool when a content process is inactive?
400 1474793 consider sharing UA style sheets across processes
128 1477393 Replace various watchdog/hang monitor threads with timers
100 1470339 Reduce the overhead of telemetry in content processes
100 1478124 Use static hash tables/DAFSAs for static component registration
47 1474143 Don't load FormAutofillContent until it's needed
87 1460674 Decrease hash table item storage for 64-bit platforms
5,747 total all bugs combined

Realistically bug 1449600 might not get us a win, so discounting that we can get to 3,747KB.

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