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Last active Feb 6, 2020
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Gecko Rust XML Parser Requirements

Goal: Replace Gecko's XML parser, libexpat, with a rust-based XML parser


  • Various integer overflow CVEs
  • Buffer overflows
  • Simplify, we don't need character conversion (which has lead to several CVEs)


  • push/sax based interface (lower memory, streaming)
  • supports DTD, entities
  • hook to load external entities

Current nsExpatDriver implementation:

  int HandleExternalEntityRef(const char16_t *aOpenEntityNames,
                              const char16_t *aBase,
                              const char16_t *aSystemId,
                              const char16_t *aPublicId);
  nsresult HandleStartElement(const char16_t *aName, const char16_t **aAtts);
  nsresult HandleEndElement(const char16_t *aName);
  nsresult HandleCharacterData(const char16_t *aCData, const uint32_t aLength);
  nsresult HandleComment(const char16_t *aName);
  nsresult HandleProcessingInstruction(const char16_t *aTarget,
                                       const char16_t *aData);
  nsresult HandleXMLDeclaration(const char16_t *aVersion,
                                const char16_t *aEncoding,
                                int32_t aStandalone);
  nsresult HandleDefault(const char16_t *aData, const uint32_t aLength);
  nsresult HandleStartCdataSection();
  nsresult HandleEndCdataSection();
  nsresult HandleStartDoctypeDecl(const char16_t* aDoctypeName,
                                  const char16_t* aSysid,
                                  const char16_t* aPubid,
                                  bool aHasInternalSubset);
  nsresult HandleEndDoctypeDecl();
  nsresult HandleStartNamespaceDecl(const char16_t* aPrefix,
                                    const char16_t* aUri);
  nsresult HandleEndNamespaceDecl(const char16_t* aPrefix);
  nsresult HandleNotationDecl(const char16_t* aNotationName,
                              const char16_t* aBase,
                              const char16_t* aSysid,
                              const char16_t* aPubid);
  nsresult HandleUnparsedEntityDecl(const char16_t* aEntityName,
                                    const char16_t* aBase,
                                    const char16_t* aSysid,
                                    const char16_t* aPubid,
                                    const char16_t* aNotationName);

We'll want a similar interface in our rust library. So streaming data in and those callbacks hit.

Existing libraries:

  • xml-rs
    • pull-only, not streaming
    • doesn't support DTD, entities, utf-8 only
    • build is currently failing, but seems semi-active
  • RustyXML
    • sax-like
    • doesn't support DTD, entties, maybe only utf-8?
    • doesn't seem to be actively developed
  • xml5ever
    • used in servo
    • only aims to support XML5, so probably a no go
    • permissive about malformed XML, no DTD etc
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kaiakz commented Feb 6, 2020

Hi, I'm interested in it. I am a new rustacean.
The requirement was posted three years ago, so I am afraid that some information is outdated now. Can you give me more details?

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