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John Ericson Ericson2314

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Multi user nix installation

Each section should be run as the user or as root, pay attention to which one!

Install nix single user


curl | sh
View default.nix
{ me ? "5acef014fd9ca6119226d7c5373b1b8cc4df1376"
, base ? "b09435ea51caaae1865e667aaa32f7cba4cc4ff2"
rec {
inherit me base;
myNixpkgsFunc = import (builtins.fetchTarball "${me}.tar.gz");
myNixpkgs = myNixpkgsFunc {};
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// Copyright 2015 The Rust Project Developers. See the COPYRIGHT
// file at the top-level directory of this distribution and at
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 <LICENSE-APACHE or
//> or the MIT license
// <LICENSE-MIT or>, at your
// option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed
// except according to those terms.