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Created May 19, 2014 01:47
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$ snap init
$ cabal sandbox init
Writing a default package environment file to
Creating a new sandbox at
$ cabal install --only-dependencies
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
trying: escapingbugdemo-0.1 (user goal)
trying: escapingbugdemo-0.1:-old-base
trying: lens- (dependency of escapingbugdemo-0.1:-old-base)
trying: transformers-compat-0.3 (dependency of lens-
trying: transformers-compat-0.3:-transformers2
next goal: transformers (dependency of lens-
rejecting: transformers- (conflict:
transformers-compat-0.3:transformers2 => transformers>=0.4 && <0.5)
rejecting: transformers- (conflict: lens => transformers>=0.2 && <0.4)
rejecting: transformers-,,,, (conflict:
transformers-compat-0.3:transformers2 => transformers>=0.4 && <0.5)
rejecting: transformers-,,,,,,, (conflict: lens => transformers>=0.2 && <0.4)
Backjump limit reached (change with --max-backjumps).
Note: when using a sandbox, all packages are required to have consistent
dependencies. Try reinstalling/unregistering the offending packages or
recreating the sandbox.
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Solution was cabal install --only-dependencies --reorder-goals

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