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Created Apr 13, 2015
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Full 0.6.0 Changelog
  • c2650a0 Version bump to 0.6.0 - Hannah Wolfe
  • ec76150 Upgrading Casper to 1.2.0 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 5f0d98a Don't do autosave on new post - Hannah Wolfe
  • 8d1e729 RSS Refactor with cache - Hannah Wolfe
  • 570299c Update semver due to sec advisory - Hannah Wolfe
  • 0b1497a No more feature flag for Code Injection - Hannah Wolfe
  • c6fb8a8 Add labs description - John O'Nolan
  • 6eed16a Cleaned up some derpy settings padding and widths - John O'Nolan
  • 91d57c2 Fix typofail in pagination-controller mixin Closes #5120 - Matt Enlow
  • b429baa Use absolute url for post preview link Closes #5116 - adds new CP absoluteUrl to PostModel - use absoluteUrl in the two places we link previews - swap out some code for es6 loveliness - Matt Enlow
  • 3523aa9 Normalize settings payloads in client serializer Closes #5117 - Matt Enlow
  • 3229508 Adds structured data to first index/tag/author page - cobbspur
  • 1cbb58d Re-implement top notification position styles - Paul Adam Davis
  • afbe1ce Remove enginesStrict - Hannah Wolfe
  • 14134fb Add media:content support to RSS - Hannah Wolfe
  • ee0c32d Ember 1.11.1 - remove bind-attr all over the place - Matt Enlow
  • 527e4ee Remove duplicate subdirectory in RSS urls - Hannah Wolfe
  • 196bbfc Refactor sitemaps to use centralised events - Hannah Wolfe
  • 5dc44b0 add code editor component - Austin Burdine
  • 351298b Add parent call in user.format to fix dateTime - baogechen
  • 79d2134 Improve RSS feed - Hannah Wolfe
  • 68f3277 Improve the forgotten password flow - Hannah Wolfe
  • 9112464 Add link to published posts preview on content page Ref #1756 - the word "Published" in "Published by {{author}}" now links to the post's front page - Matt Enlow
  • ead9f8f Autosave by observing model.scratch in editor No issue - removes keypress handling in the editor component - automated value changes via shortcuts still autosave - Matt Enlow
  • 44dc0dd Re-add X icon - Paul Adam Davis
  • 8d0e7cb Add version to font-face src url - Paul Adam Davis
  • e1258f4 Fixing ember build - Hannah Wolfe
  • 5015951 Fix @blog globals in special templates - Hannah Wolfe
  • cd63215 Font feature settings are incompatible with Open Sans - John O'Nolan
  • 4044ded Adds {{prev_post}} and {{next_post}} block helpers - cobbspur
  • c5fe9aa Rewrite meta_description and meta_title to depend upon the current context - Markus Siemens
  • 980b0a8 Refactoring hard-coded frontend route keywords - Katie Fenn
  • 490f83a Update monospace font stack - John O'Nolan
  • e74a329 Navigation menu support for subdomains of blog url - Ian Lopshire
  • 5c640e9 Initial implementation for custom storage engines - Blaine Bublitz
  • 511d69c Fix ember-cli commands to work with windows - cobbspur
  • e5ed9c6 Re-add #getting-started anchor - Hannah Wolfe
  • 1db59e1 Move showdown extensions to ghost-showdown - Hannah Wolfe
  • e8bbb78 Fix broken keyboard navigation in PSM - Felix Rieseberg
  • 0484eee Replace fs.exists (deprecated) with fs.stat - Felix Rieseberg
  • 13838ff Fixed typos - Pascal Borreli
  • a7b82f4 Textarea Editor CSS Improvements - Paul Adam Davis
  • 5db6fc4 No more CodeMirror - Hannah Wolfe
  • a4109f3 Fixed broked Support link - JonathanKryza
  • 29baee2 Readmeeeeee - John O'Nolan
  • 58635b3 Serve files to core/built/assets/ - see core/client/lib/assets-delivery/index.js for how this is done - Turn off ember-cli fingerprinting - ember-cli 0.2.0; Update .npmignore - Fallback to old version of ember-cli-sass due to lib-sass errors - Keep ember-data at beta-14.1 until we find the dep that's breaking on snapshot.attr - Fix release task to ignore blank lines in .npmignore - Matt Enlow
  • c7535c4 Remove client/docs - Matt Enlow
  • 5b72a0e fix routes test. ember-mocha@0.4.2 - Jason Williams
  • e492c43 Fix up ember-cli generated files and misc jscs/jshint errors - Jason Williams
  • 184da01 Change grunt jshint and jscs tasks - Jason Williams
  • 2edc3d6 Remove core/test/client/ - Jason Williams
  • 8b3f713 Fix up ember test files - Jason Williams
  • 0b96765 Set up tests for ember-cli - Jason Williams
  • 9e7658f grunt init, dev - added grunt-bg-shell - reorganized asset tasks into one location - turn off ember-cli analytics - remove app/config-dev and config-prod - remove qunit from bower.json - remove express from package.json - Matt Enlow
  • 388a8dd Build assets with ember, and serve with ghost - Matt Enlow
  • d61b2e1 Ember init, bower deps, es6 modules - Matt Enlow
  • 6e4bdba The great migration (EAK -> ember-cli) - Matt Enlow
  • 4b05585 Update express-hbs to 0.8.4 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 56a6f4d Clean up hidden accessibility text class - Paul Adam Davis
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