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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Full 0.5.3 changelog
  • a32e5a7 Move unrelated editor cover code to the right place - Paul Adam Davis
  • 6fd2779 Implement popovers - Paul Adam Davis
  • 89ee30b Tag input UX improvements - Paul Adam Davis
  • 425c994 Test improvements - Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 2369080 Ensure slug generation has completed prior to save - Jason Williams
  • 6ef58a9 Peg ember-template-compiler to 1.7.0 - Jason Williams
  • 58fda8a Cancel pending auto-save if manual save occurs - Jason Williams
  • 5496d00 Upgrading Casper to 1.1.1 - Hannah Wolfe
  • fbccc36 More autosave improvements - Hannah Wolfe
  • b05da0f Auto-save changes - Jason Williams
  • 090dc29 Set link[prev/next] tag to https if urlSSL is set - Jilles Soeters
  • 34142c9 Truncate metatitle and url when > 70 characters - Jason Williams
  • af4e180 Autosave additions - Hannah Wolfe
  • 23e98aa Adds twitter cards and to {{ghost_head}} - cobbspur
  • fd3c4c9 Workaround / skip & clean Mail API tests - Hannah Wolfe
  • 60db328 Remove shadow from right of tag bar - Paul Adam Davis
  • b48a5c3 Remove hover transition inside dropdowns - Paul Adam Davis
  • e13ad9a Fix alignment on burger menu button - John O'Nolan
  • 13f8cc6 Remove console.error from shortcuts-route mixing - Paul Adam Davis
  • d901762 Speed up user menu animations - Paul Adam Davis
  • f5b48ad Update to use libsass 3.0 - Paul Adam Davis
  • 52a1b22 Show all invited users and infinite scroll active - Jason Williams
  • 1c3bc7e Fix up labels for controls in post settings menu - Jason Williams
  • 2c6d43a Refactor helpers & tests into individual files - Hannah Wolfe
  • 4354458 Use DS.Model#eachAttribute in editor-base-controller - Matt Enlow
  • 6d51550 Change autolinked URLs to output nice quotes - Hannah Wolfe
  • 028b878 Rename .object-list to .user-list - Paul Adam Davis
  • a9fb2af Autosave Draft posts - Matt Enlow
  • 15acfc8 Ignore Sublime Text project files - NetPuter
  • 7bb38f8 Accept Invitation: Generate Slug from Name - Felix Rieseberg
  • 938b098 Abstracting away the deprecatedItems - Gabor Javorszky
  • 28d1273 Use flexbox for post settings cog & publish button - Paul Adam Davis
  • 00ef9cf Custom showdown extensions should be linted - Hannah Wolfe
  • b5a29cd Change keyboard shortcut context - surgesoft
  • de216d4 Updated blog link title - Ian Mitchell
  • 487297f Added open graph tags for ghost head helper - cobbspur
  • 5330b56 Refactor auth form styles - Paul Adam Davis
  • 98ee7a4 Added anonymous ifee function decl space rule to jscsrc - Gabor Javorszky
  • f2b2cf2 Clean up hardcoded ghost paths - Mattias Cibien
  • efea8dc Moving nanoscroller to be managed by bower - Hannah Wolfe
  • e27dd6f Reset password signs the user in - Matt Enlow
  • a4a3bcb Refactor settings and content wrappers to allow smooth overflows and properly show headers on mobile - Paul Adam Davis
  • 696fbaa Follow symlinks when resolving theme paths. - Jason Williams
  • 0025f3d Shorter user slugs (if possible) - Felix Rieseberg
  • 24a7c9f Prevent elastic scrolling on the whole page - Paul Adam Davis
  • 7a291d2 Webkit overflow scroll touch - Paul Adam Davis
  • 32c27ce Tag Management UI Markup - Paul Adam Davis
  • 91c07e3 Change avatars in user list back to cover - Paul Adam Davis
  • f6ec4c6 Make the PSM tabs transition only happen on larger screens - Paul Adam Davis
  • 4e3de54 Remove sliding animation between content & list & post preview on mobile - Paul Adam Davis
  • e5b45c8 Rename popovers to dropdowns - Paul Adam Davis
  • bf69c9c Fix flickering popover transitions - Paul Adam Davis
  • 40254ad Implements module tests - Fabian Becker
  • 3ffdd7e Sorts PSM authors alphabetically - Connor Tumbleson
  • 71f4b40 Fixed email copy grammatical errors - John O'Nolan
  • 72b0a48 Fix DB API - Fabian Becker
  • 2978a9a Hide author dropdown for authors. - Fabian Becker
  • 3889bc1 Prevent horizontal scrolling in the PSM - Paul Adam Davis
  • d11bbcf Fix notifications being cur off on auth/setup screens - Paul Adam Davis
  • 8cc7605 Allow scroll on setup form - Paul Adam Davis
  • b9ec535 Fixes hidden scrollbar. - Fabian Becker
  • e502183 Fix relative em sizing bug - John O'Nolan
  • 55293d0 Abstract the allowed file types out of API - Fabian Becker
  • 097c78a Fix GhostTab and GhostTabPane array dependencies - Matt Enlow
  • 40846bc Add Gmail-style shortcuts - Matt Enlow
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