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Created Dec 16, 2015
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Full 0.7.3 Changelog
  • 52b76f2 Version bump to 0.7.3 - Hannah Wolfe
  • b928366 Fix password reset - Kevin Ansfield
  • 323b57b Release should run all prod tasks - Hannah Wolfe
  • 14c3bd6 Ensure filter parse errors generate 422 not 500 - Hannah Wolfe
  • e5b0609 Fixing bug with ghost-url overwriting url - Hannah Wolfe
  • cbea617 Ensure {{ghost_head}} doesn't overwrite values - Hannah Wolfe
  • 117ab27 Remove setScrollClassName mixin and usage - Kevin Ansfield
  • 9eadeb9 Prep shared API URL util for use on external sites - Hannah Wolfe
  • bc97de5 Unify usage of config in unit tests - Hannah Wolfe
  • a27f22a Add limit attribute to tags & foreach helpers - Hannah Wolfe
  • 883152f Improvements to client auth error logging - Hannah Wolfe
  • e84b7f3 Cache permalinks & postsPerPage on config.theme - Hannah Wolfe
  • 0ce4078 Ensure {{get}} helper returns pagination - cobbspur
  • ff2711a Fix hidden delete button in image uploader for short images - Kevin P. Kucharczyk
  • 8c35534 No more soft 404s in pagination - Hannah Wolfe
  • 8f89997 minify ghost.url.api in production - Austin Burdine
  • 78240e1 Reset shortcuts scope when leaving tags route - Kevin Ansfield
  • c6ed823 deps: istanbul@0.4.1 - Austin Burdine
  • 88065f5 Remove filters from theme helpers (no async) - Hannah Wolfe
  • 494245f deps: unidecode@0.1.8 - Hannah Wolfe
  • b858232 Fix changing text and jumping caret in PSM's date input - Kevin Ansfield
  • a956d59 Make channel config dynamic - Hannah Wolfe
  • d989933 Prevent 404-handler mixin from erroring on non-adapter errors - Kevin Ansfield
  • b5a8ac3 Fix Select Component - Syaiful Bahri
  • c8ac5f3 add team acceptance test - Austin Burdine
  • 5e6ed11 fixing 'undefined is not a function' error when loading apps - John Cruikshank
  • 739c7d3 Streamline when grunt init is called in tests - Hannah Wolfe
  • dbf6b59 deps: grunt-jscs@2.4.0 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 4a32098 Install client dependencies when running TEST_SUITE=lint build - Kevin Ansfield
  • d9d8446 deps: jscs@2.6.0 & ember-suave@1.2.3 - Kevin Ansfield
  • 9f82720 fix 404 error handling in editor, tags, and team routes - Austin Burdine
  • 4bfacf6 Change server-side labs utility to be synchronous - Hannah Wolfe
  • 75845ce Checkbox labels are cut off on mobile. - Gary Cao
  • e5ee97b Remove undefined function and fix some comments - Brandon Hops
  • 413d999 Remove $ from jshint's predef, always use Ember's $ - Kevin Ansfield
  • ee275f4 OAuth Middleware refactor - Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 6956985 Add .git folder to ignore folders list - StevenMcD
  • 81765c6 Fix sub-dir being added to navigation urls when installed in sub-dir - Kevin Ansfield
  • f37a4b5 Remove unused ember-resize dependency - Kevin Ansfield
  • 8dbef11 Updated node version text in - Hannah Wolfe
  • 395079c Unify code for picking a template to render with - Hannah Wolfe
  • e4c10c9 Properly binds "this" in uploader.js - Gary Cao
  • 366e2fe deps: ember/ember-data@2.2.0 - Austin Burdine
  • ea64e5f remove casperjs from travis setup - Austin Burdine
  • 7cbe728 deps: ember-cli@1.13.13 - Austin Burdine
  • a102eff Separate the server/client/lint test suites on Travis - Kevin Ansfield
  • 571b9e7 Always call _super when using Ember hooks - Kevin Ansfield
  • 3d68566 Use es6 across client and add ember-suave to enforce rules - Kevin Ansfield
  • 0a06af0 Remove unused base_test.js - Brandon Hops
  • 402b27c Unify mobile state in JS, drop resize - Matthew Beale
  • 014e2c8 Restore options - Sebastian Gierlinger
  • 2b1f784 Add count.posts support to user model on client - Kevin Ansfield
  • 1ddea6d Add aria-hidden to the pagination arrows - Eric Schultz
  • 51ce357 Refactor mail API with pipeline utility - vdemedes
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