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Created May 14, 2015 19:10
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Full 0.6.3 Changelog
  • 94579d1 Upgrading Casper to 1.2.3 - Hannah Wolfe
  • d22b255 Turn this list into a list - John O'Nolan
  • d11a91e Misc helper updates & fixes - Hannah Wolfe
  • 107c960 API: Adding featured filter option to posts.browse - Adrian Estrada
  • c3dda5e Theming updates for password protection - Hannah Wolfe
  • 1f0fb3c Fixing lint error causing build to fail - Hannah Wolfe
  • 8db1001 Fixing 'undefined' issue with ghostPaths.url.join - Hannah Wolfe
  • ddd4a9f Update html-to-text package - Jason Williams
  • 1fc9ace move notifications inside main div - Harry Hope
  • 25460b5 Allow setting a post date using a single digit day. - Alex Kleissner
  • bd2b206 finish up password protection - Austin Burdine
  • c4e2ead Fix up Labs Styling - David Balderston
  • 443eafe First styles for private blog login - John O'Nolan
  • 263bbd5 Fix up filtering implementation - Jason Williams
  • 3d74d40 Do not allow auto-save to publish a post - Jason Williams
  • 251218d Check error object before dereference - Jason Williams
  • 2a33dfd fixed reduced test case link - Austin Burdine
  • bdf5c92 Change session length to 7 days - Hannah Wolfe
  • 0741df4 Add editorconfig - Jason Williams
  • 1e54406 Change payload storage in session cookie - Jason Williams
  • 575d248 Changed the text showing the "Quote" feature to not feature spellcheck errors. closes #5194 - Fabian Miiro
  • 25a8f9d Update bluebird promise library - Jason Williams
  • 181cb78 Update dependencies - Jason Williams
  • 27e52c8 Only attempt to scrollTop if element is available. - Robert Jackson
  • b16284f Replace gh-blog-url helper with a component. - Robert Jackson
  • 8ac1687 refactors the frontend controller - Austin Burdine
  • 95a5461 Remove unneeded code from API route - Hannah Wolfe
  • 3b286e4 Removing unused dependency - Hannah Wolfe
  • 075c4fb Added support for all letters in word-count (not only ASCII) and added xregexp bower module to a project - Artyom Fedenko
  • 8e46b06 Update preview post link styling, add view post link - John O'Nolan
  • 2865662 added password protection - Austin Burdine
  • f089e1d Updating bower dependencies - Hannah Wolfe
  • dae66d0 Upgrade grunt-jscs to fix whitespace linting. - Jason Williams
  • 433956c Add post preview via uuid (/p/:uuid) Refs #5097 - Matt Enlow
  • 272f1ed Move upgrade notification to /settings/about/ - Paul Adam Davis
  • 9377694 Code injection syntax colour change - Paul Adam Davis
  • 5cfb2e7 Allow admin app to run when active theme missing - Jason Williams
  • d02bcba Provide secure post links if RSS accessed over SSL - Wilhansen Li
  • 03dcb71 Added res.locals into the prePostsRender filter call - lmoe
  • a0330b2 Remove task from test-all - Sebastian Gierlinger
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