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Full 1.0.0 Changelog


  • [New] A brand new editor based on Mobiledoc, using SimpleMDE & Markdown-it to recreate full markdown support
  • [New] Casper 2.0 - an overhaul that makes use of all of Ghost's best theme features
  • [New] Improved default posts, explaning more features and a welcome tour to guide users around
  • [New] Nightshift mode light text on a dark background for editing at night, available in labs
  • [New] Config with nconf, logging with bunyan, and debug output using debug.
  • [Improved] Publish menu which brings scheduling front and centre, instead of it being an after thought
  • [Improved] Simplified content screen with filtering makes it easier to find
  • [Improved] The importer has had a complete overhaul, is now more robust and outputs much, much better error & warning messages when things do go awry
  • [Fixed] Addressed many issues with session handling, so you get logged out far less often or maybe even not at all

Mention in dev post

  • Public API on by default
  • Image field rename
  • Image helper now img_url
  • User last_login -> last_seen
  • Language -> Locale rename *
  • Markdown -> mobiledoc
  • Plaintext field
  • formats API param
  • Users vs Invites are now separate
  • Adapters first class citizen
  • Nconf
  • forceAdminSSL and urlSSL -> adminUrl
  • Object ID
  • UTF8MB4
  • no postgres
  • mysql default
  • Brute
  • Theme upload & activation rewrite
  • gscan
  • single express-hbs instance
  • posts_per_page -> theme config
  • moved meta_description to ghost head
  • get {{else}} changed
  • page url removed
  • body classes removed


  • internal tags moved out of labs

  • Client extensions

  • Documentation overhaul *

  • permit Facebook usernames with less than 5 chars

  • [FIX] escape blog title for mail header

  • Image property added to RSS

  • no more svgs

  • myth -> postcss

  • refactor image upload component

  • removed URL input option

  • Favicons are now uploads

  • Scheduled posts: double // and utc offset

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