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Full 0.5.8 Changelog
  • cf2c7ba Version bump to 0.5.8 - Hannah Wolfe
  • e8fa276 Update about page copyright - Hannah Wolfe
  • ac72e1c Upgrading Casper to 1.1.5 - Hannah Wolfe
  • 6615414 Fixup validation engine to handle lack of proxying - Jason Williams
  • 5ceb721 Fixes post sort order - Hannah Wolfe
  • fb46b7d Misc test cleanup - Hannah Wolfe
  • 3f34162 Fix has helper tag matching - Hannah Wolfe
  • 283deb2 Fix email sending fail when blog title has a comma - Hannah Wolfe
  • fbdabce Add markdown file handler to importer - Hannah Wolfe
  • bbe3ceb Fixed issue where Gravatars with rating higher than G would cause a 404 error. - Jeremiah Hoyet
  • d7bf425 Editor Save Button/Notifcations: Post vs Page - Felix Rieseberg
  • 1b8796b Make authenticated GitHub API requests from Travis - Jason Williams
  • 7860818 Reset the store after import - Hannah Wolfe
  • 11c7d75 Show info on about page task failure - Jason Williams
  • 3faf4de Load next page if scrollHeight <= clientHeight - Martin H. Normark
  • 1f22d8c Move tag management from behind config/labs flags - Hannah Wolfe
  • ce11c72 Reset upload component on tag switch - Jason Williams
  • 02d091b Fix importer tests on windows - Hannah Wolfe
  • 0587712 Remove unneeded promises and fix tests - Jason Williams
  • e6fd1b8 Rework Labs feature toggling - Jason Williams
  • c0fc7c5 Adds global feature manager - Hannah Wolfe
  • add4c6b Image Importer Improvements - Hannah Wolfe
  • cc6f698 Start of labs - Paul Adam Davis
  • 9d82c2e Update test-related dependencies - Jason Williams
  • bd1211d Update copyright - John O'Nolan
  • a1ed9ad Remove ObjectController proxying behavior. - Robert Jackson
  • bc74c89 Update excerpt helper to properly filter HTML footnotes - Jason Friedrich
  • b6676b3 Do not use static and {{bind-attr}} for the same attribute. - Robert Jackson
  • 273a782 Cleanup posts template. - Robert Jackson
  • d70b199 Allow resolver to lookup gh-path helper. - Robert Jackson
  • 6c1287c Allow socket permissions to be set from config - Jason Williams
  • c9069cc Add reentrant conversion to Showdown footnotes. - Mikael Brockman
  • 0dc0d37 Change url and image into synchronous helpers - Jason Williams
  • e62ce6c Removed double link, moved contributing ref. - John O'Nolan
  • 3a29393 Revert punctuation change in - Jason Williams
  • 344f383 Update - Jason Williams
  • 8e833cb edit - Daniel Tsui
  • eb2d940 Remove PostSettingsMenuView. - Robert Jackson
  • fc18a38 Fix invalid HTML in templates. - Robert Jackson
  • f673604 Fix up HTTP API handler - Jason Williams
  • 3f3544a Make embedded-relation-adapter the default - Jason Williams
  • 26b7102 Use an explicit action name in action helper - Jason Williams
  • 730e7eb Adjust about page tests - Jason Williams
  • 8af41b8 Fail buildAboutPage task on error - Jason Williams
  • d59f873 Update dependencies - Jason Williams
  • 13caeaa grunt test task - easily run single test files - Hannah Wolfe
  • c01b32c Fix settings back button implementation - John O'Nolan
  • 06b4b37 Fix tag mgmt display bugs - John O'Nolan
  • 7200b5e Fix modal edge spacing - Paul Adam Davis
  • 050491a Fixes navigation for Editors on small screen - cobbspur
  • c98ee00 Fix back button on tag UI page - cobbspur
  • 7176097 Finish tag post count UI. Misc tag related fixes - Jason Williams
  • 633cf13 Run tag add operations in sequence - Jason Williams
  • f1da5f8 Updated tag management UI with the post counts - Eugene Kulabuhov
  • a3e36fc Fix broken user list paginated scrolling - Paul Adam Davis
  • 3205981 Updated meta helpers to use tag meta data if present - cobbspur
  • ba3d4b3 Add support for importing images - Hannah Wolfe
  • c855198 Add tests to verify db version hasn't changed - Hannah Wolfe
  • 7c310ad Add a URL preview componant - Paul Adam Davis
  • 591fa34 Finish up post count support in tags API - Jason Williams
  • 1ba2f5f Update dependencies - Jason Williams
  • 5c6d45f Optimize model class methods - Jason Williams
  • 539accf [API] Return post count for each tag - Eugene Kulabuhov
  • 8d9df78 Prevent error when closing modal dialog - Jason Williams
  • 728e214 Adjust casperjs test. - Jason Williams
  • 3c9273e Data importer improvements and fixes - Hannah Wolfe
  • 3ad6852 Update pg package and convert data to correct type - Jason Williams
  • afdb3a9 Add 'id' to post sort fields. So there is no longer equally sorted posts. - Delgermurun
  • eae4410 Navigation UI Mockup - Paul Adam Davis
  • 908ddc2 Update Ember-Data. - Jason Williams
  • 20710b9 Refactor importer with tests - Hannah Wolfe
  • fb348fb Tag Management: Delete Flow - Felix Rieseberg
  • cbcda2f Provide absolute blog url in sitemap - cobbspur
  • db15397 Trigger Change Event before Login - Felix Rieseberg
  • 7d79016 stop middleware converting favicon to string - cobbspur
  • 4b5242d Prevent publish-bar from floating up - Ilya Radchenko
  • 4fb3fe6 Use CSS animations for modals - Paul Adam Davis
  • 29328bd Create settings-menu-mixin for subview state tracking - Matt Enlow
  • 56e4798 Update to Ember 1.9.0. - Jason Williams
  • 4bc5f91 PSM: Reset 'Published Date' - Felix Rieseberg
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