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Last active March 3, 2023 17:50
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Install the Cloudflare Daemon (cloudflared) in Termux
echo 'NOTE: You can now install cloudflared directly from Termux repos.'
echo 'NOTE: To install it from source instead, open the script and comment out the next two lines.'
pkg install cloudflared
# ^ comment out these lines to proceed with the script
echo "--upgrading packages"
yes "" | pkg update
echo "-- installing dependancies: golang git debianutils make"
yes "" | pkg install golang git debianutils make
echo "-- downloading cloudflared source"
git clone --depth=1
cd cloudflared
sed -i 's/linux/android/g' Makefile
echo "-- building and installing cloudflared"
make cloudflared
install cloudflared /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin
echo "-- done!"
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yelrom0 commented May 21, 2022

Erisa, What is the proper way to run cloudflared from termux. My phone is not rooted. so the sudo cloudflared service install does not work. Is there another way i can run this as a service from a phone that's not rooted ?

You should be able to run apt update then apt install cloudflared or pkg run cloudflared, don't need root for commands without su or sudo.

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