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Source code for Mastodon's nicenessbot
from mastodon import Mastodon
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from random import randint
# Connect to Mastodon with bot token
mastodon = Mastodon(
access_token = 'REPLACE ME',
api_base_url = 'REPLACE ME'
# List of prebuilt messages to send
messages = (
"Look at the sky. Someone is looking at it and thinking of you " + u"\u2665",
"Reminder that you are loved and never alone :)",
u"\u2665" + " You are beloved! " + u"\u2665",
"Someone loves you <3",
"Life is beautiful magical fantastical, and so you are <3",
"Someone wants you to know that they'll always be here for you",
"Someone who really likes you wanted to remind you of it :)"
# Retrieve id of the latest notification we checked
file = open('last_id', 'r')
except FileNotFoundError:
last_id = "None"
last_id ="\n")
# Retrieve all the recent notifications
notifications = mastodon.notifications(since_id=last_id)
for n in notifications:
# We ignore anything that's not a mention because it doesn't contain a post
if n['type'] == "mention":
# The bot is meant to be anonymous so only allow directs
if n['status']['visibility'] == "direct":
# Mentions data are HTML paragraphs so we delete everything between <> to clean it up
content = BeautifulSoup(n['status']['content'], "html.parser").get_text()
# Replace every dual spaces so we end with a string divided by single whitespaces
while ' ' in content:
content = content.replace(' ', ' ')
content = content.split(" ")
# Retrieve index of the !nice command to know where should look for the the user and server
commandstart = content.index("!nice")
except ValueError:
mastodon.status_reply(n['status'], "Your message does not appear to have the required !nice command.\n\nIt should have the following syntax:\n!nice user server")
# Build the target full name based on the mention we received
target = "@" + content[commandstart+1] + "@" + content[commandstart+2]
user = "@" + n['account']['acct']
if user == target:
mastodon.status_reply(n['status'], "The most important person that you should ever love is yourself. You are amazing! ❤")
bio = mastodon.account_search(target)[0]
except IndexError:
mastodon.status_reply(n['status'], "We couldn't find an account with that handle but we still tried to forward the request.")
mastodon.toot(target + " " + messages[randint(0,6)])
if "nobot" in bio['note']:
mastodon.status_reply(n['status'], "Sorry but the targeted user does not want to interact with bots")
mastodon.toot(target + " " + messages[randint(0,6)])
# We write as the new last_id the most recent notification, which is always index 0
file = open('last_id', 'w')
except IndexError:
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