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#pragma mark - Preferences List Controller
@interface AriseRootListController : HBRootListController
#pragma mark - OnBoardingKit
@interface OBButtonTray : UIView
@interface OBWelcomeController : UIViewController
@property (nonatomic,retain) OBButtonTray * buttonTray;
-(id)initWithTitle:(id)arg1 detailText:(id)arg2 icon:(id)arg3 contentLayout:(long long)arg4;
-(void)addBulletedListItemWithTitle:(id)arg1 description:(id)arg2 image:(id)arg3;
@interface OBBoldTrayButton : UIButton
-(void)setTitle:(id)arg1 forState:(unsigned long long)arg2;
+(id)buttonWithType:(long long)arg1;
// ...
@implementation AriseRootListController
#pragma mark - What's New
-(void)arisePresentWhatsNew {
// Created by EthanRDoesMC
// I'd love it if you would leave this comment here :D
// - Ethan
NSString *title = @"What's New";
OBWelcomeController *whatsNew = [OBWelcomeController new];
whatsNew = [whatsNew initWithTitle:title detailText:@"in Arise Beta" icon:[UIImage imageWithContentsOfFile:@"/Library/PreferenceBundles/AriseSettings.bundle/fullRes.png"] contentLayout:2];
if (@available(iOS 13, *)) {
// SF Symbols are only available on 13 and up.
[whatsNew addBulletedListItemWithTitle:@"Live Wallpapers" description:@"Start and stop live wallpapers automatically on the lock screen." image:[UIImage systemImageNamed:@"livephoto"]];
[whatsNew addBulletedListItemWithTitle:@"See What's New" description:@"See what's been added in every update." image:[UIImage systemImageNamed:@"light.max"]];
[whatsNew addBulletedListItemWithTitle:@"Small adjustments" description:@"For example, setting Today to Wake and Notifications to Unlock returns to the main page to see the notifications." image:[UIImage systemImageNamed:@"ellipsis"]];
// OBBoldTrayButton* continueButton = [OBBoldTrayButton buttonWithType:1];
// [continueButton setTitle:@"Continue" forState:0];
// [whatsNew.buttonTray addButton:continueButton];
// I decided I didn't need a button, but I left this here for reference.
[self presentViewController:whatsNew animated:YES completion:nil];
// meanwhile, elsewhere...
// [self arisePresentWhatsNew];
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