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Created Jul 19, 2013
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Debugging stunnel problems in Ajenti:
0. Disable SSL in ajenti:
change "ssl": { "enable": true to false in /etc/ajenti/config.json
service ajenti restart
1. Regenerate the certificate
ajenti-ssl-gen hostname -f
2. Create following config file /tmp/stunnel.conf
cert = /etc/ajenti/ajenti.pem
foreground = yes
pid =
accept =
connect =
3. Start stunnel:
stunnel /tmp/stunnel.conf
4. Check for errors; you should be able to access Ajenti through https://<ip>:8001
Please let me know if you get any errors on any of these steps.

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@digitup digitup commented Sep 28, 2013

I get no errors but I still cannot access the panel through https://:8001 or https://:8000 however I can access the application by using http protocol and get a Insecure communication Your credentials will be transmitted in plain text! error /warning


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@hezbucho hezbucho commented Aug 28, 2014

In case you never figured this out, I was facing the exact same problem but turns out I was only experiencing this issue behind my company's firewall.. https:// works like a charm outside the office.

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