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Created July 28, 2018 21:20
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// All PHP files start with <?php
// Two slashes is a comment, as you can see.
// We are going to start with variables.
// Variables are just like, a "container" to hold values.
// All variables in PHP start with a $ sign.
// Their names must start with a letter, not a number
$name = "Max"; // This is a string
$age = 14; // This is an integer
// Let's print something to the screen!
echo "Hello, my name is $name and I am $age years old.\n";
// You can also do math with multiple integers.
echo "In 2 years, I will be " . ($age + 2) . " years old.\n";
// So, why did we need string concatenation here? I'll show you.
echo "In 2 years, I will be $age+2 years old.\n";
// You might expect the above to work, but it will print literally 14+2
// Here's another way we could have done it:
$futureAge = $age + 2;
echo "In 2 years, I will be $futureAge years old.\n";
// So that's basic variables.
// Another type of variable in PHP is called an Array.
// Arrays are just lists of values.
$ochatdMembers = ['Max', 'Shep', 'Shdwtek', 'beachpeach'];
echo "Again, my name is..." . $ochatdMembers[0] . "\n";
echo "My favorite person in the chat is... " . $ochatdMembers[1] . "\n";
echo "Here's a list of my friends from the chat:\n";
// We can add to an array after it's been created:
$ochatdMembers[] = "tweedsheep";
// Notice i didn't put a number between the []
// That's because PHP will automatically assign it to the next
// highest key value. In this case it would be 4 because
// we already have 0, 1, 2, and 3 assigned above.
$ochatdMembers[5] = "nezelbert"; // You can also specify a specific key too.
// Now let's make the list numbered!
foreach ($ochatdMembers as $i => $member) {
// Now in the loop, $i will be our array key
// But we don't want the list to start at 0...
echo " " . ($i + 1) . ". $member\n";
echo "...Yes, I'm friends with myself.\n";
echo "I have " . count($ochatdMembers) . " friends in the chat.\n";
// Array keys don't have to be numbers. They can also be strings.
$ochatdAges = [
"Shep" => 28,
"Max" => 14,
"Shdw" => 36,
"Nez" => 28,
// We can add a new key like this after the array has been made:
$ochatdAges["Faith"] = 21;
function addTwo($age) {
return $age + 2;
function printName($name, $age, $term = "is") {
echo " - $name $term $age years old";
if ($age > 25) {
echo " (old fart)";
echo "\n";
echo "Here's a list of their ages:\n";
foreach ($ochatdAges as $name => $age) {
printName($name, $age);
echo "In two years, this is how old everyone will be:\n";
foreach ($ochatdAges as $name => $age) {
printName($name, addTwo($age), "will be");
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