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A bookmarklet for downloading currently viewed Flickr image in the biggest available size
/*jslint browser, maxlen: 80 */
/*global DOMParser, fetch */
(function () {
"use strict";
var originalSizeLink = document.querySelector(".Original > a");
var canonicalUrl = document.querySelector("#canonicalurl").href;
var biggestSizeUrl = canonicalUrl + "/sizes/k/";
var secondBiggestSizeUrl = canonicalUrl + "/sizes/h/";
function downloadImage(href) {
var a = document.createElement("a");
a.href = href; = document.title.split(" |")[0] + ".jpg";
function getHrefAndDownloadImage(responseText) {
var href = new DOMParser()
.parseFromString(responseText, "text/html")
.querySelector("#allsizes-photo > img")
if (originalSizeLink) {
.then(function (response) {
return (response.ok && response.url === biggestSizeUrl)
? response
: fetch(secondBiggestSizeUrl);
.then(function (response) {
return response.text();

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commented Feb 12, 2018

How to add it to Chrome?
I created a new bookmark and edited the URL as javascript:your code
But nothing happen when clicked!!

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