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EvieePy / MOL-v01
Last active March 30, 2020 05:10
Myst Open License - Version 0.1 (Modified MPL)
Myst Open License - Version 0.1
1 - Definitions
1.1. "Contributor"
means each individual or legal entity that creates, contributes to
the creation of, or owns Covered Software.
EvieePy /
Last active March 7, 2024 21:00
Basic music with playlist support on Rewrite
Please understand Music bots are complex, and that even this basic example can be daunting to a beginner.
For this reason it's highly advised you familiarize yourself with, python and asyncio, BEFORE
you attempt to write a music bot.
This example makes use of: Python 3.6
For a more basic voice example please read:
EvieePy /
Last active April 24, 2024 09:30
A Cogs Example for the rewrite version of -
import discord
from discord.ext import commands
import sys, traceback
"""This is a multi file example showcasing many features of the command extension and the use of cogs.
These are examples only and are not intended to be used as a fully functioning bot. Rather they should give you a basic
understanding and platform for creating your own bot.
These examples make use of Python 3.6.2 and the rewrite version on the lib.
EvieePy /
Last active May 27, 2024 17:01
Simple Error Handling for ext.commands -
If you are not using this inside a cog, add the event decorator e.g:
async def on_command_error(ctx, error)
For examples of cogs see:
For a list of exceptions: