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Created February 6, 2012 23:04
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Retrieve diagonals from array of arrays in Ruby
class Array
def diagonals
[self,].inject([]) do |all_diags, matrix|
((-matrix.count + 1)..matrix.first.count).each do |offet_index|
diagonal = []
(matrix.count).times do |row_index|
col_index = offet_index + row_index
diagonal << matrix[row_index][col_index] if col_index >= 0
all_diags << diagonal.compact if diagonal.compact.count > 1
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Hi Scott. I'm studying your diagonals method, and I'm trying to follow what is going on, but I'm not understanding the flow. I'd really appreciate it if you could walk me through what is happening. I played with it in Pry. The output makes sense too. I just want to know, step-by-step, what you're doing. Thank you.


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Hey I must have missed this comment when you made it a few months ago. I know its a bit late, but did you ever get to understanding the flow?

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YevKo commented Dec 4, 2014

yeap, it is really hard to understand. comments in the code would help

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