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Here's our Pull Request Format Template in a handy gist for easy copying.


[PR Type] Brief summary. Fixes BUKKIT-####
PR Type can be B for Bukkit, C for CraftBukkit, B+C for a PR in both sides

Title Example:
[B+C] Provide an example commit for Fixes BUKKIT-1


The Issue:

Paragraphs explaining what the issue the PR is meant to be addressing.

Justification for this PR:

Paragraphs providing justification for the PR

PR Breakdown:

Paragraphs breaking down what the PR is doing, in detail.

Testing Results and Materials:

Paragraphs describing what you did to test the code in this PR and links to pre-compiled test binaries and source.

Relevant PR(s):

This should be links to accompanying PRs, or alternate PRs that attempted to perform the task. Each reference should have a reason attached as to why it is being referenced (for example: "Similar to PR ### but won't empty your Bukkits"). Accompanying PRs need no explanation, but still need to be linked.

B-#### - - Reason
CB-#### - - Reason

JIRA Ticket:

BUKKIT-#### -

Pull Request Check List (For Your Use):


  • Fits Bukkit's Goals
  • Leaky Ticket Ready
  • Code Meets Requirements
  • Code is Documented
  • Code Addresses Leaky Ticket
  • Followed Pull Request Format
  • Tested Code
  • Included Test Material and Source

If Applicable:

  • Importing New Minecraft Classes In Special Commit
  • Follows Minimal Diff Policy
  • Uses Proper CraftBukkit Comments
  • Imports Are Ordered, Separated and Organised Properly
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