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Created Mar 22, 2019
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Python process communication
def ReadSVNLog(BaseRev,rev,variant):
FoundRev = ""
p = subprocess.Popen("svn log --stop-on-copy -r HEAD:{} --search r{} https://mysvn/{}".format(BaseRev,rev,variant) , stdout=subprocess.PIPE, shell=True)
for stdout_line in p.stdout: #Loop on lines printed to stdout
tmp = re.findall(r'r\d+\s|',str(stdout_line.decode('utf-8')))[0] #This is to match rXXXXX in commit msg header
if len(tmp) > 1: #at least rXXXXX
FoundRev = tmp.replace('r','').rstrip()
print("Debug {}".format(FoundRev))
if rev in str(stdout_line):
return FoundRev
return None
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